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I like birds. I find inspiration, order and mystery in the infinite combinations of energy and color in our natural world.

For many years I painted realistically using acrylics. Now I focus less on detail and more on the inherit design of each piece.

My "wild bird" art is created by making hand drawings, using digital tools and a unique palette of colors. It's similar to the silkscreen process in that the colors are flat and layered over one another to create the desired effect.

On the more practical side, I am an experienced graphic designer, having worked in the commercial art field for more than 35 years. (Yes I remember life before computers.) I'm also an active member of the Zumbro Valley Audubon chapter.

To purchase my work you can contact me directly, visit James Krom's Natural Images Gallery located in the Marriot Hotel Subway downtown Rochester, MN, visit the SEMVA Art Gallery at 302 S Broadway in Rochester, MN, or inquire with Wild Wings of Minnesota for licensing rights.

I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork!

1107 13th Ave NW
Rochester, MN 55901

All artwork © Sandy Hokanson

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